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Pollution is not limited to the outdoors, but can pose a potential threat to you even in your home! Yes that’s correct! Even the air inside your home can be toxic enough to bring about a great detrimental effect on you and the health of your family members. This is why indoor air quality control is something every household manager or owner should pay due regard to. Hiring a professional air quality expert can work wonders in this regard and this is where Coral Springs AC Expert can be the best choice for you to pick in Coral Springs, FL.

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Why is theindoor air dirty?

Most people are under the impression that their air conditioners – be it the small or split AC range or the  commercial HVACs do a great job at filtering the outside air which is sucked in and cooled. However the fact is quite contrary to this belief, and most air conditioner filters aren’t of the quality to bring about an efficient filtering of the air outside to make it clean. The soot, cooking fumes, cigarette smoke and all other types of pollutants which are generated in the house needs efficient filters to be chucked out of the house and apart from this as well, there are other microbial growth control measures which need to be put in place to ensure perfectly clean and contamination-free air.

The simple solution: Regular AC cleaning:

A clean looking home may not really be clean as the bacteria and the minute dust particles lingering in the air may be very hard to see. This is where regular cleaning up of the ducts , air vents, filter sieve and other components of your air conditioner can bring in a great deal of improvement in the air quality in your home. There is no one better than Coral Springs AC Expert who can do this for you.

When you call us, we will:

Step 1: Make sure all furniture is protected before we commence

Step 2: Carefully remove covers and ensure we are able to access openings

Step 3: Reach any dust build-up areas, and remove any impending deposits

Step 4: Post efficient vacuuming, making use of HEPA systems for bacterial control

Step 5: Use cleansers to clean components thoroughly and ably re-install these.

Step 6: Make use of biocides to protect components from biotic build-ups.

Step 7: Closing checks on the indoor air quality to ensure all is well

Our other measures:

There is a general conception that AC maintenance and cleaning of commercial HVACs job is enough to keep air pollution in your home at bay, but this really is not enough. If having a pollution free environment in your home or office is what you are after, then do not just leave it to an AC repair and maintenance service. Trust us in Coral Springs, FL area to take care of our needs and we can come in and install the necessary equipment to help you have a clean and pollution free environment.

Some of our recommendations include:

  • Air cleaner set-up
  • Installation of humidifiers/dehumidifiers
  • Ensure proper ventilation is in place
  • UV lamp set-up for micro-organism growth control
  • Air-purifier set-up

Make a conscious commitment towards improved indoor air quality by dialing 954-271-0682 today!